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In person site-visits, customized sales strategy, new sales goals, consulting, marketing, need increased revenues.


Pin High Hospitality Services

No salesperson is on-site, needs increased revenues, needs membership and tournament sales, needs assistance with events, marketing, and more.


Pin High Hospitality Club

Sales employee out on long-term or short-term leave, dedicated sales segment support, proactive supplemental sales efforts.


Pin High Hospitality specialized service

Unlock Growth with Our Remote Sales Service Tailored for Small and Medium-sized Businesses in any industry or segment We don’t just know golf, we know Sales.


Pin High Hospitality Training Programs

Your club has a new salesperson on-site, and you want us to conduct hospitality training programs to educate them in general sales and how to drive revenues at your club.


Pin High Hospitality

Add-on service offers social listening of all your social media sites with weekly posts.

Why do you want to hire Pin High?

We offer a customized sales approach specific and tailored to fill your unmet sales needs. We have only the most experienced and exceptional salespeople who are creative, innovative, and competitive. Our services are seamless to set up and affordable to fit any size budget.

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Pin High Hospitality

Break The Status Quo in The Hospitality Industry!

  • Pin High Hospitality has over 30+ years of combined hospitality sales industry experience. We understand the needs and demands of clients right after the first interaction. Our aim is to keep providing our customers with exceptional service and an unforgettable experience while saving you overhead expenses
  • Each team member at Pin High Hospitality is highly experienced, skilled, knowledgeable, and talented with years of sales experience on-site and remotely.
What percent of time do you get back to managing and improving your operation on a weekly basis?
Time Savings 35%
Meeting the Members – Get to know the members who support you and your business/club.
Cost Savings on Hiring, Training, and maintaining new employees 75%
Pin High Hospitality can add resources for a fraction of the cost of hiring, training, and maintaining a new employee.
Cost Savings on Hiring, Training, and maintaining new employees 75%
Outsourcing your sales and marketing efforts, allows you to increase revenues for a fraction of the cost compared to hiring an on-site employee.
Savings on Total Sales and Marketing Costs 60%
Pin High Hospitality Training

Green Blessings

At Pin High Hospitality, We want to share our faith-based business approach with our audience.

Hotel services

Meet the members

Get to know the members who support you and your club.

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Our company headquarters is based out of North Florida. Our company is fully remote, so we have team members ready to provide hospitality services all over the country.
Customers can email us at or call us on our direct line at (386) 866-8315

Any semi-private, fully public, or private golf clubs or golf and country clubs can benefit from our services. Private club owners and club management companies can also benefit from using us.

Sales segments are the various segments that make up the club’s clientele and can benefit from professional hospitality services. Sales Segments can include Military, Social Groups, Corporations, Associations, Weddings, Fraternal, Education, Non-Profit, etc.
KPI is Key Performance Indicator. These are metrics used to grow and improve your business at the club. KPI’s are used to monitor the performance of hospitality services and track things such as revenue generation, membership growth, marketing effectiveness, and more.
S.W.O.T. stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This is a sales strategy and metric used when identifying competitors in your market and how you can best shift share from your competitors’ clubs.

No, our Club Sales Directors are focused on helping fill need tee times through proactive sales efforts and hospitality management services. Tee time management systems and pricing will still be managed by your operations team.

YES! Pin High Hospitality now offers Specialized Sales Services to all small to medium-sized businesses. Our sales expertise and remote sales model can be applied to any and all industry and segments.